Our main aim is to create innovative automotive designs that meet or exceed the
expectations of our clients. The Chreos is the latest example of what can be

Step 1 - Design renderings

The first step towards a new car design is to do some rough design renderings to
see which direction to take. After we get a good indication of the design direction we
then finish off 3 to 4 different views of the car in high resolution. Some example
can be viewed

Step 2 - 2d scaled plans

After the design renderings are finished we do a scaled blueprint of the vehicle,
which will include a front, side, back and top view. This is necessary for the next

Step 3 - 3d

A 3d rendering of the car is done, which gives a complete 360 degree view of the
vehicle in v
arious colours, and STL files are given after the client is 100% satisfied
with the end product. The STL files will enable the client to cut the bodywork to any
scale, a
nd do full scale prototyping. We can also offer more marketing tools such as
promotional videos and 360 degree videos as seen in our video page.
Artistic renderings of the front and back of the Chreos
Blueprints scaled of the Chreos